The business partnership between Oscar Orduño Inc. and Doosan equipment dealership R.B. Everett goes much deeper than just buying construction equipment.

“Doosan and R.B. Everett have been a big part of our ability to grow,” Oscar Orduño says. “It’s difficult for startup companies to get this level of commitment or support from an equipment dealer. I feel like they’re a partner to us and they have shown that throughout our relationship.”

Oscar started his own construction company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2014, and the business now boasts 180 employees. Shortly after he rented and eventually purchased his first Doosan excavator, Oscar needed a second machine, then a third and so on. In 2015, Oscar initiated a relationship with the local Doosan dealer, R.B. Everett and now owns 32 Doosan machines – a combination of crawler excavators and wheel loaders – making him one of the largest, if not the largest, individual owner of Doosan equipment in North America.

As Oscar’s construction equipment inventory increased, his dealership’s service department ramped up with additional mechanics, even allocating one mechanic almost exclusively to Oscar’s business.

“If we need help, they’ll be there within the same day, sometimes within hours,” Oscar says. “Stopping, for us, is like any other company – you’re losing production and you’re losing revenue. Having a dealer that can respond to issues immediately is critical to our success on schedule-driven projects.”

In addition to parts and service support, the dealership has worked with Oscar and his staff on training opportunities. Employees have visited the dealership for equipment training sessions, and R.B. Everett staff even helped Oscar’s safety manager develop specific training materials for the company’s Doosan machines, based on the material presented in the Operation & Maintenance Manual.

A strong partnership between a business and its equipment dealership can have a direct impact on company growth and efficiency. Need a dedicated equipment partner of your own? Find a Doosan dealer in your area.

“We’re always on call – 24/7,” Artie says. “We do safety first, quality always. The safety is protecting the neighborhoods from our work area. The quality is that we do everything right the first time, and we have no come-backs.”

During the Great Recession, A.W.A. Contracting had to reduce its crew from 63 employees to 12. But the company survived.

“We managed through it, and now we’re putting it all back together,” Artie says. “We had two major jobs that really carried us through those three years and let us pay all of our equipment off. That’s how we were able to survive through 2009 until three years ago. Everything was paid for – I bought no equipment, no trucks.”

Fast forward to 2018, when a sales specialist at Bobcat of Jacksonville convinced Artie to demo a Doosan DL220-5 wheel loader.