Power and Maneuverability for Confined Jobsites

The DX140LC-7 is ideally sized for digging and lifting in confined jobsites, including roadways, bridges and congested urban areas. It offers a standard arm configuration, four power modes and an optional dozer blade for backfilling and added digging stability.

This versatile earthmoving machine brings the strength your work demands with superior hydraulics that deliver powerful arm and bucket forces. For tough digging conditions, operators can use the one-touch power boost to momentarily amplify the machine’s hydraulic power.

Engineered for long life, it offers a sturdy frame and a reinforced upper structure.
Optional rubber roadliner track pads are available to minimize damage when traveling across established concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Operator Comfort and Confidence

Updated cabs with enhanced comfort and smart controls help attract and keep top operators.

The DX140LC-7 includes automotive-style heating and air conditioning, an optional heated and cooled seat, and a sound-isolating cab seal to reduce noise.

The multilingual Smart Touch display allows operators to monitor critical machine functions, manage attachments, troubleshoot and more. The ergonomically designed joystick provides low-effort control to reduce operator fatigue when using hydraulic attachments.

The rearview camera is standard, and operators can get five visual perspectives around the cab with the optional 360-degree all-around view monitoring (AVM) camera system.

Added Capabilities for Big Challenges

As work demands increase, the DX140LC-7 crawler excavator works smarter, not harder, with advanced machine functionality.

Features include a fine swing function that reduces the reverse-shock when stopping swing, improving safety in pipe laying. An optional boom float setting allows the boom to move freely with the contours of the ground — ideal for finishing work.

When traveling uphill, the auto downshift feature automatically downshifts the speed to increase traction force and improve drawbar pull and controllability.

A hydraulic quick coupler helps maximize productivity and versatility — operators can easily change a wide range of attachments without leaving the cab.

Technologies Improve Machine Efficiency

The DX140LC-7 is loaded with smart technologies that help maximize machine performance and efficiency on the most challenging jobsites.

The exclusive Smart Power Control (SPC) and Mechatronics Design improve efficiency while optimizing machine performance.

The high-performance DEVELON diesel engine is optimized to provide more power output with reduced fuel consumption.

Standard auto idle and auto shutdown features also help conserve fuel — idling the engine when functions aren’t used or shutting it down after idling for a specified amount of time.

DEVELON Fleet Management is standard to help you monitor your machine for optimum performance.

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