Customer Stories
The A. Johnson Company
DEVELON wheel loaders are the backbone of this Bristol, Vermont, timber processing facility. A DEVELON DL320-7 wheel loader is paired with a log grapple to lift and carry logs to The A. Johnson Company sawmill for processing.
Trudeau Construction
A versatile fleet of equipment, including DEVELON wheel loaders and excavators, enables Josh Trudeau to keep up with his construction projects. Trudeau Construction performs excavating and grading work in upstate New York using heavy equipment, DX85R-3 and DX35-5 mini excavators and excavator attachments. See Trudeau Construction at work among the fall leaves in peak color.
Britt Demolition and Recycling
Demolition means lots of dirt, dust and debris. That’s why Britt Demolition and Recycling chooses DEVELON machines. “These have more horsepower and more bucket lift and torque than any machine we’ve ever driven,” owner Tommy Britt says. Watch Britt Demolition take down a former medical campus in Alabama with his DEVELON excavators, and hear why “operators love them.”
Asylum Scrap Services
Running a successful recycling operation requires reliable heavy equipment. Asylum Scrap Services depends on six DEVELON excavators from Swiderski Equipment to keep its facility running smoothly. Watch DEVELON mini excavators, a crawler excavator and a material handler sorting, cutting and loading metal in Marshfield, Wisconsin.
Griffin and Sons Excavating
Vermont company Griffin and Sons Excavating uses their DEVELON DL220-7 wheel loader for snow removal. In this customer testimonial, owner Chris Griffin shares details about what makes his DEVELON wheel loader the right piece of equipment for heavy-duty snow removal and highlights the dealer support he receives from G. Stone Commercial.
Atlantic Contracting
Building a large warehouse near a fast-growing port requires reliable and productive machines. See how underground utility contractor Atlantic Contracting Solutions uses a DL250-7 wheel loader and DX255LC-5 excavator as its utility equipment of choice.
Marsh Construction Services
For a large commercial warehouse project, Marsh Construction Services found the ideal machine in a DEVELON wheel loader from Synergy Equipment. Watch the company’s DL220-5 in action at a commercial development near Savannah, Georgia.
Hiett Logging
Hiett Logging is a third-generation company that uses DX225LL and DX300LL log loaders for timber harvesting. Father-and-son team Jeff and Shane Hiett trust the durability of their DEVELON machines. “A good machine is one that’s reliable. You get here in the morning, start it up and it’s going to work all day,” says Jeff.
Mike Hassett
Mike Hassett wasn’t going to pass on a second chance to own a construction company. He started Green State Excavating and leased a DEVELON DX50-5K mini excavator from G. Stone Commercial. Today his business includes residential excavating in Vermont. He enjoys working with homeowners to transform their properties into new landscapes.
Anthony Timberlands
Anthony Timberlands is a leading provider of timber in Arkansas. The company operates a DEVELON DX380LL-5 log loader and DL550-3 wheel loader at its Bearden sawmill. David Whitson is an employee in the technical service department. He says, “Telematics is one of the most valuable tools that we have.” The system helps Anthony Timberlands keep its equipment running.
Kendell Wherry
Land clearing requires rugged, dependable construction equipment. A fleet of DEVELON DX225LC-5 excavators keeps Wherry Truck Lines on schedule. The Fort Myers, Florida, firm clears land for future developments. “They’re a good production machine where you can do a lot of things with them,” says owner Kendell Wherry. “We’ve developed a really good relationship with the folks at Synergy Equipment, who represent the DEVELON line.”
Most glass in North America never gets recycled. A startup called GlassWRX in Beaufort, South Carolina, is changing that trend. Two DEVELON wheel loaders help manage post-consumer glass during a process that converts the glass to a filtration product.
Charles Ehrmann
Nature’s Choice Corporation is a leading mulch company in the Northeast, recycling wood waste. DEVELON excavator grapples load material into grinders, while wheel loaders transport the product through various stages. “Best Line Equipment has been spot on the entire time, with service, sales … we couldn’t be happier,” says Charles Ehrmann, Vice President of Operations.
Bill and Brandy Stanton
Recycling is priority No. 1 for Bill and Brandy Stanton, owners of BS Ranch and Farm. The Lakeland, Florida, organic management company produces topsoil from wood waste, food residuals and septic material. Supporting their work is a fleet of DEVELON heavy construction equipment purchased from Synergy Equipment.
Jack Henderson-Adams
Jack Henderson-Adams sets himself apart from the competition by routinely meeting deadlines. He does so with dependable DEVELON heavy equipment that helps him stay on schedule. “The DEVELON machines are extremely well built,” says Jack, owner of Western Earthworks.
Jason Tutterow
When your job deals with crushing rocks and managing explosives, you need equipment that can handle the force. Carolina Drilling knows that DEVELON machines are down for the job. Jason Tutterow, owner of Carolina Drilling, puts his equipment to the test and has seen it hold up. “We’ve had zero problems on our machines,” Jason says. See his DEVELON equipment in action and learn why Jason’s relationship with his dealer is better than rock-solid.
Gabe Shemper
Homestead Dirt Works and Mulching handles site preparation jobs in Mississippi. Owner Gabe Shemper depends on DEVELON crawler excavators for tough land-clearing jobs. Equipped with buckets and thumbs, the excavators make quick work of clearing areas for future development. Gabe also uses his DEVELON excavators to dig lakes and prep house pads.
Mike Thesier
Like father, like son. Mike Thesier followed in his father’s footsteps and started a construction company in Fort Myers, Florida. Mike owns Backbay Construction, a site development company that operates DEVELON construction equipment purchased from Synergy Equipment.
Keith Radford
Keith Radford needed a fleet of trucks. He took a chance on DEVELON. His four DA30-5 articulated dump trucks “have proven themselves 100 percent,” Keith says. So he ordered four more. See why Keith "is going orange because of DEVELON.
Rob Ratoskey and Ray Trainor
From demolition to stone mining and recycling, Rob Ratoskey and Ray Trainor do it all. And their company, Ratoskey and Trainor, does it all with DEVELON. Their fleet includes over 15 DEVELON excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks – all of which hold up to diverse, rough-and-tumble work. "The value is in no down time," Ray says. "We don't miss a beat and we don't miss a day."
Lance Turgeon
Forestry isn’t a business for the faint of heart — or for faint machines. Ontario’s Foleyet Timber 1986 LTD. trusts DEVELON deep in the Canadian wilderness, where its top-line team of excavators, dump trucks, wheel loaders, and log loader keeps workers comfortable, focused and efficient.
Artie Allen
Doing work right the first time and doing it safely are high priorities for Arthur "Artie" Allen, owner of A.W.A. Contracting Company, Inc. DEVELON excavators and wheel loaders play an important part of the contractor’s success at excavating projects in the Jacksonville, Florida, area.
Matt Quinnell
When it comes to building elaborate retaining walls, Matt Quinnell of Advanced Wall Structures is an expert. Equipped with DEVELON excavators and grapple attachments, Matt skillfully places boulders to construct walls in new residential areas.
David Lauzon
A transition to DEVELON equipment means Lauzon Contracting not only finishes excavating jobs on time, but they are also often ahead of schedule. Working as the team, the Lauzon family – David, Nancy, and Tia Olsen – doesn’t have to worry about their DEVELON machines breaking down on the job. With plenty of power and reach, DEVELON excavators stand out on Lauzon Contracting job sites.
Jon Wybar
A passion for helping the environment by diverting construction waste from sanitary landfills turned Jon Wybar into an aspiring recycling entrepreneur. Helped by a fleet of 26 DEVELON machines, Revolution Recovery has three locations where construction materials are sorted and recycled. DEVELON excavators and wheel loaders easily handle the material to sustain the company’s success.
Gary Shepherd
The color of your equipment doesn’t matter very much; however, dealer support is a game-changer. That’s the biggest reason Gary Shepherd of Shepco, Inc. purchased five DEVELON crawler excavators and four DEVELON wheel loaders. While investing in a relatively new brand of equipment might have seemed like a risk, the decision was easy once he considered long-term reliability and dealer support.
Oscar Orduno
When building retention systems alongside highway expansions and bridge projects, you need hustle. That’s one reason why Oscar Orduno and his business in Irving, TX chose DEVELON. Hear how DEVELON excavators and loaders save him money and why his crew loves them.