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As a leading heavy equipment brand in North America, DEVELON understands the challenges national and government accounts face. We offer durable construction equipment and back it up with unmatched service and support.

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Comprehensive Lineup of Proven Equipment


DEVELON equipment exceeds expectations by offering national and government accounts the durability, performance, easy maintenance, comfort, fuel efficiency and innovative features needed to improve productivity.


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Wheel Loaders

Choose from models offering heaped bucket capacities from 2.6 yd3 (2.0 m3) to 8.4 yd3 (6.4 m3).

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Articulated Dump Trucks

Choose models with payloads of 61,729 lb. (28,000 kg) and 90,390 lb. (41,000 kg).

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Crawler Excavators

Choose from models with operating weights from 32,783 lb. (14,870 kg) to 181,000 lb. (82,100 kg).

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Mini Excavators

Choose from models with operating weights from 8,193 lb. (3,716 kg) to 18,960 lb. (8,600 kg).

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Log Loaders/Road Builders

Choose from models with operating weights from 68,784 lb. (31,200 kg) to 113,538 lb. (51,500 kg).

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Wheel Excavators

Choose from models with operating weights from 34,203 lb. (15,514 kg) to 47,179 lb. (21,400 kg).

Extreme close-up of a DEVELON material handler grapple grabbing a large quantity of scrap material.
Material Handlers

Choose from models with operating weights from 60,848 lb. (27,600 kg) to 79,366 lb. (36,000 kg).

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The DD100 model was designed to be heavier and delivers 122 hp (91 kW) — higher than competitor dozers in this size class.


DEVELON Full Line Brochure

Want to see our entire DEVELON lineup? Download our full line brochure.


Dedicated to Your Success


Our trusted national accounts team is focused on your unique needs. Choose DEVELON for full-service support to help improve productivity with unrivaled customer service, equipment parts and warranties, and machine data.

Machine Parts and Dealer Support
At DEVELON, we understand that equipment uptime is critical for you to compete and grow — and it starts with easy access to parts and on-going support from local dealers. We offer both through our expanding network of North American dealers.
Parts Availability
With two DEVELON-exclusive parts distribution centers in North America, in Georgia and Washington state, our dealers have more parts inventory and can provide faster delivery — including less than two-day delivery on a majority of genuine DEVELON parts.
Growing Dealer Network
Our network of local heavy equipment dealers continues to expand across the U.S. and Canada. These knowledgeable teams are focused on your productivity and uptime by offering responsive service, trained technicians, reliable parts and trusted advice.
DEVELON Fleet Management
Our telematics system is a standard feature on most DEVELON models, providing the vital equipment data you need. Free daily monitoring from our government accounts team is included — with no contract or fees.
DEVELON Equipment Warranties
Our great standard equipment warranty includes full coverage for 12 months or 1,500 hours and powertrain and hydraulic coverage for 36 months or 5,000 hours. We also offer an industry-leading extended warranty with options to customize protection.

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Let’s talk. Our dedicated national accounts team is ready to demonstrate how our durable, proven equipment along with our unrivaled customer service can help you maximize productivity and build even more success.

George Aste - National Accounts Manager

Phone: 470-583-0038

Email: George.Aste@hhi-di.com

Ed McHale - National Accounts Manager

Phone: 470-824-7392

Email: Edward.Mchale@hhi-di.com