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Easily manage your construction equipment maintenance and operation data in a single, user-friendly digital platform with MY DEVELON. Access it from your desktop or simply download the mobile app for on-the-go convenience. 

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Graphic showcasing different digital services integrated into the MY DEVELON solution.
One-Stop Integrated Solution
MY DEVELON provides a comprehensive solution that consolidates all your construction equipment information — like regular maintenance schedule, part estimates, uptime and utilization — into a single platform.
Two animated people showcasing their tailored MY DEVELON dashboard views.
Personalized Service
The MY DEVELON platform customizes dashboard widgets and reports to match users' roles for a tailored experience. It also offers personalized services based on your work environment and job type, enhancing convenience compared to prior platform service structures.
Graphic showcasing DEVELON crawler excavator integrated into the MY DEVELON platform.
Scalable Platform Services
Designed to be versatile and adaptable, MY DEVELON can expand beyond its initial services through customer data, integration with external digital services, and technology advancements, providing a flexible foundation for future growth and innovation.



You can easily access and manage equipment information and scheduled maintenance costs on the platform anytime, anywhere. Retrieve such details as health, location, uptime, utilization, and fuel costs based on field data enabling efficient work planning by considering the progress at the job site.
Based on reliable manufacturer information, you can have checklists for each usage cycle and receive replacement cycle reminders for consumable parts. In the event of an equipment malfunction, you will receive notifications and can request service immediately. This ensures swift service support from certified DEVELON dealers and minimizes machine idle time.
Part Estimates
Get quotes for parts that you can order through your dealer.
The platform provides easy access to monthly operation reports to help maximize your bottom line. It also facilitates communication with your local certified DEVELON dealer, which saves you time while enhancing your fleet’s uptime.
Smart X-Care logo on a white background.
Smart X-Care Machine Monitoring
Get a free 1-year trial of DEVELON Smart X-Care when you purchase new DEVELON equipment. Our team of equipment specialists does the work for you, tracking your telematics data in real-time and contacting you and your dealer when action is needed — to help protect your investment. Talk to your dealer to subscribe.
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