DEVELON issues warning on “Gray Market” machines

“Gray Market” machines are machines that were produced overseas, may be labeled “new” and may cost significantly less than a new one in North America. These machines are sold without the consent of the manufacturer and may not meet all the EPA and safety guidelines for the North American market.

More importantly, these machines may be considered illegal and may have governmental fines for operating. In addition, they may have varied different parts and specifications that can be difficult to replace or repair; costing the customer much more in dollars, downtime, and, aggravation.
DEVELON, nor any of its authorized dealers have any warranty services or obligations to these “Gray Market” machines.

Please don’t be fooled just because the model number is the same or it comes with an English manual, this still could be a “Gray Market” machine. Generally, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. When in doubt feel free to reach out to your local dealer or DEVELON.