Specifications for DX420LC-7 Crawler Excavator

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Dig With Confidence

A leader in the 40- to 50-metric-ton size class, the DEVELON DX420LC-7 crawler excavator provides impressive digging forces and is available in standard arm or long arm configurations.

Superior hydraulics fuel powerful digging forces, and a one-touch power boost momentarily amplifies hydraulic power to help you take on difficult digging conditions that slow other machines down. It delivers high breakout forces with ultra-hard wear plates that bolt on the end of the machine arm for maximum durability. It all adds up to exceptional productivity.

Fast cycle times, strong swing torque and improved lifting capacity help you do more in a day’s work.

Choose from four selectable power modes and use the fine swing function for more control in certain lifting applications.

The optional intelligent floating boom mode allows the boom to move freely with the contours of the ground and when engaged doesn’t use hydraulic flow, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Do More in Comfort

The DX420LC-7 excavator offers comfort features and easy-to-use controls to help operators stay focused.

Ergonomically designed joystick and fingertip controls are intuitive and easy to use, and the multi-function DEVELON Smart Touch display is standard, offering all important settings on one screen.

Front, side, rear and overhead windows and a standard rearview camera improve visibility. An optional 360-degree all-around view monitoring (AVM) camera system is also available, providing a full view of the machine’s surroundings. Other updates include an advanced heating and cooling system and optional heated/cooled seat.

Fuel Efficiency Is Standard

To help keep fuel expenses low, the DX420LC-7 offers standard systems that help improve fuel efficiency while maintaining the productivity your work demands.

Several advanced technologies, including D-ECOPOWER™ system , Smart Power Control (SPC) and the Electronic Power Optimizing System (EPOS), help optimize machine productivity while reducing fuel consumption.

The Tier 4-compliant DEVELON diesel engine delivers more power output and reduces fuel consumption, and the auto shutdown and auto idle features also help lower fuel usage.

Easy Maintenance and Standard Telematics

MY DEVELON fleet management is a standard feature on the DX420LC-7. Remotely monitor your excavator’s location, health and productivity from an easy-to-use mobile app and website.

Ground-level access to all filters, convenient access to regular inspection points and centralized grease banks on the arm and base of the boom make daily maintenance easy. Access panels open from the top, bottom and sides of the machine.

When you need genuine DEVELON hydraulic crawler excavator parts, just contact your local dealer. Your dealer is supported by two regional warehouses located in North America.