Specifications for DX200LC-7 Crawler Excavator

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Confidently Dig and Lift

The DX200LC-7 crawler excavator with 31.5” (800mm) triple grouser track shoes and a standard arm configuration delivers powerful digging forces, fast cycle times, strong swing torque and impressive lifting capacity. A long arm configuration is also available for increased dig depth and reach.

Four power modes provide better control over machine performance. The one-touch power boost momentarily increases hydraulic power. The fine swing function minimizes the shaking of a lifted object at the end of the swing movement. The optional intelligent floating boom mode is ideal for finishing work. And the cast push link with lifting eye delivers a five-metric-ton lifting capacity.

Advanced Controls and Comfort

The DX200LC-7 offers intuitive controls, complimenting a spacious cab. The DEVELON Smart Touch multilingual display provides all important settings from one screen, including the view from the rearview camera. An ergonomically designed joystick and unique keypad with jog shuttle provide easy, precise control of all machine functions.

Operators experience superior visibility with front, side, rear and overhead windows and an optional 360-degree all-around view monitoring (AVM) camera system and optional ultrasonic detection system.

Comfort features include standard heating and air conditioning, improved floorspace, low noise and vibration levels, and a heated and cooled seat option.

Innovative Machine Technologies

The DX200LC-7 includes advanced technologies to improve efficiency and make machine monitoring easier.

Operate more efficiently without sacrificing performance, using such technologies as the Mechatronics Design and the Smart Power Control (SPC), which is implemented through variable speed control and pump torque control. Auto idle automatically idles the machine after a set time. Auto shutdown saves fuel and helps lower warranty hours by shutting down the machine after it sits idle for a specified amount of time. The DX200LC also offers a tiltrotator mode.

Using the DEVELON Fleet Management system, a standard feature, you can monitor the health, location and productivity of your DX200LC-7 from a mobile app or website.

DEVELON Durability and Easy Serviceability

The DX200LC-7 crawler excavator is built strong to help you charge ahead of the next challenge.

It features a robust working group, extra-strong X-chassis undercarriage, reinforced platform and frame, and heavy-duty wear plates.

The DX200LC-7 provides ground-level access to all filters and easy access to regular inspection points. It also offers centralized arm and boom grease points, an automatic lubrication system option and two large, separated cooling compartments with reversible fans to increase cooling performance.

Genuine DEVELON excavator parts are available from your local dealer, who is supported by two regional North American distribution centers.