Specifications for DX225LC-7X Crawler Excavator

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Fully Electro-Hydraulic Control System

The DX225LC-7X control system enables advanced machine guidance and machine control systems — including 2D grading for accurate earthmoving and grading work. This results in a game-changing improvement in productivity and efficiency.

This technology gives operators supplementary assistance when doing precision tasks. Functions include grade assist mode, ground slope setting, swing assist, swing limit, virtual wall settings, lift assist mode and a weighing system.

Powerful Digging and Fast Cycle Times

The DX225LC-7X offers superior hydraulics and a strong workgroup to deliver ample power and durability to the arm and bucket, maximizing lifting capability. Select the one-touch power boost to dig into extra tough material. Fast cycle times, a fine swing function and a cast push link with lifting eye that delivers a five metric-ton lifting capacity help you complete the job faster. Control the machine’s performance by selecting from four power modes.
It offers a conventional tail swing design and optional dozer blade and is available in standard arm or long arm configurations. The standard counterweight design provides strength and stability.

Improve cycle times with an optional boom float setting, ideal for finishing work, hammer application and top loading.

Operator Comfort

Added features help deliver premium comfort for operators when working long days on challenging jobsites. The DX225LC-7X includes an improved heating and cooling system with an optional heated/cooled seat. The cab’s suspension system dampens vibrations and absorbs shocks. Standard features include easy-to-use joystick controls, a rearview camera and a Smart Touch screen that displays all important information. Add an optional 360-degree all-around view monitoring (AVM) camera system for a full view of the machine’s surroundings.

Built Strong for Aggressive Digging

Ultra-hard and wear-resistant, heavy-duty wear plates bolt on at the end of the machine arm to maximize machine durability and reliability. By minimizing the tolerance between the bucket and arm, they maintain high breakout forces and ensure greater productivity.

Other durability features include a robust working group featuring stronger castings and forged steel pivot points, an extra-strong X-Chassis undercarriage and an innovative D-channel upper structure frame design and optional side impact protector that add strength to withstand more side impact.

Improved hydraulic line routing also helps protect your investment.

Fuel-Efficient and Easy to Service

With the DX225LC-7X, you can save fuel without sacrificing productivity. A number of fuel efficiency features are standard — including Smart Power Control (SPC), D-ECOPOWER™ system and the Electronic Power Optimizing System (EPOS). Keeping your crawler excavator running at peak performance is easier thanks to convenient component access and the standard DEVELON Fleet Management system that monitors the health, location and productivity of your machine — providing alerts when maintenance is due.