Specifications for DX800LC-7 Crawler Excavator

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Smart Durability

The 80-ton DX800LC-7 large excavator includes smarter technology and a tougher design for maximum uptime protection. The machine excels in mining, quarry and construction infrastructure.

An innovative double-foot boom design prevents single-side wear patterns by dividing strain between dual boom pins.

Quickly move material with a 5.1-cubic-yard bucket and choose from three excavator arm options — standard, long and mass-excavation. All three include a heavy-duty front design with additional reinforcement on key stress points.

Smarter turning force distribution from the crossed-design swing bearing adds durability and uptime protection.

DEVELON Fleet Management

The DX800LC-7 offers DEVELON Fleet Management. Remotely monitor your machine’s health, location and productivity from our app or website.

Productive Performance

Innovative fuel savings and enhanced performance come from the DEVELON  exclusive D-ECOPOWER system. The system precisely optimizes hydraulic oil flow with the excavator’s available horsepower to maximize your machine’s efficiency.

Operators can also upgrade productivity by selecting either boom priority or swing priority mode. Choose whichever option best aids your current application, whether that be digging over the front, dumping over the side, or dumping over the rear of your machine.

A 360-degree all-around view monitor provides a bird’s-eye view. It enhances your visibility at large construction jobs and quarry operations.

Intuitive Controls and Comfort

Quickly navigate your settings on the DX800LC-7 excavator's easy-to-read 8-inch touch screen. The screen is 30% larger than previous models.

A push-button start with a smart key fob gives you added security on and off the job. The fob can also be linked to other DEVELON machines.

Larger foot pedals offer improved comfort and precision. Additional comfort comes from a heated seat.

Operators can also activate pre-selected functions in a snap thanks to a customizable shortcut button located on the excavator's joystick.

Rugged Reliability

The DX800LC-7's Tier 4-compliant engine provides robust fuel delivery for ultra-reliable performance. A three-stage fuel filtration system extends the diesel engine’s life while protecting essential fuel components.

Plus, an optional auto-lube system minimizes wear and tear while boosting your uptime protection.

To comply with Tier 4 emissions standards, the DX800LC-7 incorporates a mechanical actuated electronically controlled unit injection (MEUI).

The machine’s aftertreatment systems include cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) combined with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) which uses diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).