Specifications for DX100W-7 Mini Wheel Excavator

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Compact and Agile

DEVELON created the ideal pairing to power your productivity. Our 25,000-lb. DX100W-7 mini wheel excavator with a 100-hp engine helps you effortlessly navigate the spaces heavy equipment can’t, thanks to a 360-degree swing capability and articulated boom with a 1.35-ton counterweight. 

Multiple steering and power modes give you more control no matter the application. And with one of the fastest travel speeds in its class, the DX100W-7 is easy to transport and lets you sprint across job sites like never before. It all adds up to a job well done.

Four-Wheel Versatility

Urban worksites often require an extremely agile wheeled excavator with the ability to move and work within confined spaces. To meet this need, the DX100W-7 mini excavator with double-tired wheels is equipped with three steering modes:

2-wheel: Provides better agility and handling while also delivering increased fuel economy.

4-wheel crab: Offers precision and diagonal maneuverability in tight spaces without the need to reposition the entire machine.

4-wheel round: Provides a tighter turning radius, and increased traction and control, especially on tough terrain.

Designed for Comfort and Safety

The DX100W-7 mini wheel excavator gives you a comfortable and ergonomic position to work where larger excavators can’t.

A spacious cab featuring a heated air-suspension seat lets you call the shots in great comfort.

An around view monitor (AVM) camera system with ultrasonic sensors provides 270-degree visibility of your work area. An extra-large, full-length glass door, rear lamp and additional LED working lamp provide added visibility. 

The overload warning device alerts you when the machine is approaching or exceeding maximum capacity or safe operating limits, which helps prevent tipping or structural failures.

Choose From Four Work Modes

The DEVELON DX100W-7 small wheeled excavator lets you customize your power and performance via four work modes:

1-way: Lets you control the excavator’s boom and bucket independently for precision tasks like fine grading or leveling.

2-way: Synchronizes the operation between the boom and bucket for tasks like trenching or loading trucks.

Digging: Controls maximum power and efficiency for excavation tasks, like digging trenches, foundations or utility lines.

Lifting: Designed for tasks that involve lifting and moving heavy materials, such as loading/unloading pipes or placing materials at height.

Customize Your Performance With Four Power Modes

Choose from the following four power modes:

Power+: Unleashes the full potential of the excavator by further increasing hydraulic pressure and engine output beyond the standard power mode, resulting in even greater digging force and faster cycle times.

Power: Provides a high level of performance for such demanding tasks as heavy digging, lifting or working in tough terrain.

Standard: Provides a balanced combination of power and fuel efficiency, suitable for a wide range of general excavation and material-handling tasks.

Economy: Reduces engine rpm and optimizes hydraulic flow to minimize fuel consumption.

Our Durability Boosts Your Productivity

The DX100W-7’s two-piece articulated boom enables this small wheeled excavator to reach farther and achieve greater digging depth and height. 

Exclusive parallel dozer blade and independent rear outriggers help you work efficiently. A selectable control pattern lets you easily change between ISO and “backhoe” patterns with no tools required. The swing reactionless valve, quick coupler piping, 1-way and 2-way hydraulic flow, and standard hydrostatic transmission (HST) system all help to deliver unparalleled operation and control. 

MY DEVELON telematics comes standard, making it easy to remotely monitor your machine.