Specifications for DX50Z-7 Mini Excavator

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Powerful, Maneuverable and Versatile

The 48.8 hp DEVELON DX50Z-7 mini excavator, part of the 5-metric-ton size class, offers a zero tail swing design ideal for doing challenging road building or construction projects in confined areas.

Featuring an all-DEVELON design, the DX50Z-7 includes an increased, integrated counterweight for improved balance when digging and lifting, a backfill blade, and a rubber track undercarriage for superior flotation and traction. A steel track undercarriage option is available for working around sharp objects.

Additional features include integrated slew brakes, torque-limiting piston pumps and a width-protected swing frame.

Do More Than Dig With Mini Excavator Attachments

The versatile DX50Z-7 is designed for multiple attachment use and quick attachment changes so you can do it all — with one machine.

Auxiliary hydraulic lines are configured for easy hydraulic attachment hose connections. Once attached, adjustable flow rates optimize the response of hydraulic attachments. You can add secondary auxiliary hydraulics when needed for using multi-function attachments.

The hydraulic quick-coupler-ready design with hydraulic piping installed to the base of the arm doesn’t require additional accessories to install a compatible quick coupler. And there’s no welding required to add a thumb to the thumb-ready arm.

Telematics and Easy Maintenance

The DX50Z-7 was designed to be easy to keep on the job.

Overall machine protection starts with DEVELON Fleet Management — a standard feature available on all -7 Series mini excavators. This powerful equipment diagnostic tool monitors the location, health and productivity of your DX50Z-7 from a user-friendly mobile app and website.

In addition, -7 Series mini excavators offer easy access to filters, fluids and all service points — including the engine, pump package, valve bank, cooling system and plumbing.

Plus, quick and easy machine diagnosis allows you to monitor critical systems in real time from the LCD monitor in the cab.

Comfort and Visibility

The DX50Z-7 provides all the machine features you need to stay focused and comfortable even when working long days.

The standard enclosed cab includes a top quality conditioning system with multiple vents, a deluxe adjustable seat that minimizes heat transfer and vibration from the engine, a framed, full-glass door for improved visibility to the area alongside the machine, and a full-color LCD monitor that displays key machine data and control options. A rearview camera is optional.

Common DEVELON fingertip controls, buttons and general operations are similar to our large excavators. Choose an ISO or BHL control pattern.