Reduced Tail Swing

Work in confined areas without sacrificing performance with the reduced tail swing DEVELON DX62R-3 mini excavator.

The excavator’s rear tail swing is just 4.9 inches, making this reduced tail swing compact excavator ideal for residential construction, landscaping, utilities or any other crowded jobsite. Moving the swing center forward extends the machine’s digging reach by 11 inches while maintaining the desired machine balance.

Powerful Performance

You will be impressed by the outstanding, over-the-side lifting power and performance of the reduced tail swing DX62R-3 mini excavator.

Work on slopes with confidence with the exceptional slew torque of the DX62R-3. The precise hydraulics will make the machine feel like an extension of you.

Durability and Productivity

Take on precise tasks with your excavator attachments using the selectable auxiliary flow rates and the detent (continuous flow) mode of the DX62R-3.

When moving, standard Auto-Shift travel will shift you out of high range or low range automatically so you can focus on direction and speed.

Comfort and Convenience

Monitor important diagnostic information of your DX62R-3, like fuel level, coolant temperature, day/time, throttle position and engine rpm, on the mini excavator’s deluxe color panel. Easily select auxiliary hydraulic flow modes and rates right from the screen.

Help prevent theft by setting a password code on the display panel that limits access to the DX62R-3 start-up. And, for those long days on the site, use the 12-volt power supply to keep your cell phone charged.

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