Specifications for DX62R-7 Mini Excavator

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Take On Tight Spaces

Work confidently in confined areas without sacrificing performance with the DX62R-7 mini excavator. This compact excavator in the popular 6-ton size class features a reduced tail swing design. The tail swing extends just 7 inches over the side — making it the ideal machine for residential construction, landscaping or utility work in crowded or congested job sites. 

The width-protected swing frame ensures that the swing casting and cylinders remain within the track width, minimizing the risk of damage to these components when operating near obstacles or structures.

DX62R-7 Offers Performance Features

Developed to maximize productivity, the DX62R-7 mini excavator comes with a long list of features that help you tackle big work in challenging environments.

Standard features include a thumb-ready arm so there’s no welding required to add a thumb. The quick-coupler-ready design allows for easy attachment changes. The excavator also offers 1-way/2-way hydraulics activated without a pedal for improved control, and features auto downshift. The auto idle feature helps to reduce noise, improve job site communications and save fuel.  

Fast cycle times and efficient torque-limiting pistons help you get more work done. Choose from standard or long-arm configurations.

Cab Features for All-Day Comfort

This powerful machine is designed for operator comfort and safety when working long days on the job. Standard features include a spacious cab, a high-performing heating and air conditioning system, an adjustable heated seat and a simple thumb switch on the right joystick to control auxiliary hydraulic functions.  Selectable control pattern allows you to choose ISO or BHL. And hands-free Bluetooth® audio also comes standard.

The framed, full glass door delivers improved side visibility for greater peace of mind. High-illumination LED lamps provide enhanced visibility, and an optional rearview camera is available for added convenience. The travel alarm alerts others when the mini excavator is working.

Telematics Comes Standard

DEVELON Fleet Management is a standard feature across all -7 Series mini excavators. With the 3.0 Cellular TMS system, you can remotely monitor important diagnostic information about your DX62R-7. This includes real-time updates on location, fuel level, coolant temperature, day and time, throttle position and more. 

The system helps prevent theft and unauthorized use with its geofencing (GPS location tracking) and password features. Smart X-Care™ service is available to have our experienced team track your machine telematics and alert you in the event of critical alarms, needed service or helpful recommendations.