Specifications for DL550-7 Wheel Loader

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Power and Capacity for Large Jobs

The heavy-duty DEVELON DL550-7 is ideal for work in quarries, mines, demolition and industrial operations.

Performance features include a Z-bar lift arm, return to dig, limited slip rear differential, hydraulic locking front differential, and a stronger box frame for improved lifting capacity.

Options include a quick coupler, additional larger counterweight and Load Isolation System to improve stability when moving. The high-lift option provides additional height for loading into high-sided trucks.

The DEVELON Smart Load weighing system is ideal for job applications that require accurate information about material weight in the bucket.

Added Durability for the Toughest Work

Redesigned and reinforced for maximum reliability, the DL550-7 features a hydraulically driven reversible fan, reinforced box frame with an articulating design and large center bearings and self-centering, double-tapered roller bearings stand up to punishing work day after day.

Outboard brakes are located in final reduction where the rotation speed is lower, greatly extending the lifetime of the brake discs.

Added Comfort. All-Around Visibility.

The redesigned cab includes improved comfort and visibility, with 14% more glass, a full glass door, larger mirrors, optional work lights and a standard rearview camera.

The DEVELON Smart Touch screen conveniently displays all important settings and information — including the view from the rearview camera. From the screen, operators can monitor critical machine functions and control machine settings, heating and cooling, the DEVELON Smart Guidance System and more.

Other controls are located within easy reach and are more intuitive to use.

The exclusive Standard Transparent Bucket option provides a supplemental visual perspective by allowing operators to “see-through” the bucket from an in-cab display.

The DEVELON Smart Key fob unlocks the cab and allows push-button engine starts.

Easy to Maintain

DEVELON Fleet Management is a powerful equipment diagnostic tool, monitoring the health, location and productivity of your DL550-7 from a user-friendly mobile app and website. You can check machine location, fleet status, operating hours, error codes, fuel usage, engine idle vs. work time, engine and hydraulic oil temperature and various other data points from anywhere. Your dealership also has access, so they can offer more proactive service to help maximize machine uptime.

When doing maintenance, centralized lubrication points, plus easy component access and fluid-level checks, make daily checks convenient.

The available automatic lubrication system offers improved machine reliability and saves time on daily maintenance.

Improved Efficiency

To comply with Tier 4 emissions standards, the DL550-7 incorporates a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel delivery system as well as cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR), combined with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Several fuel-saving technologies help improve machine efficiency, including Situation Awareness Technology (SAT). It automatically adjusts the engine output in real time to the needs of the drivetrain and hydraulics to help save fuel without compromising performance.

The standard auto-idle feature reduces engine rpm when the steering wheel or joystick isn’t being used, and auto-shutdown turns off the engine after a set amount of time idling.