We aim to innovate the construction machinery industry and create sustainable customer value through digital transformation of business. The Concept-X2 project combines ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies at the construction site and enables leading implementation of future construction sites. Concept-X2 will successfully drive business through increased productivity, reduced costs and risks in the construction site.

Productivity Solutions
Concept-X2 equipment is an autonomous solution that sends analyzed data to achieve accurate and fast work. The autonomous technology will make it easy to perform tasks in areas that are not accessible or are high safety risks.
Site Management
The Control Center, which controls the entire process, including on-site analysis and vehicle control, is centered on a drone to automate the construction site survey with 3D scanning, and to maximize productivity by establishing the most efficient work plan.
Fleet Management
Monitoring and diagnosing the data of the equipment remotely, such as location and operation situation, key component status, and abnormal signal detection, enables efficient operation and support.
Prognostics and Health Management (PHM)
The real-time self-diagnosis and monitoring of unmanned equipment allows you to predict the remaining life of key parts and functions and proactively manage risk factors.