• 1/26/2024

DEVELON dealers do things differently, with comprehensive services and support.

With a national network, a growing line of equipment and easy access to parts, DEVELON dealers deliver comprehensive services and support. And it doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small.

“Whether you have 20 DEVELON machines in your fleet or you have one, you are treated the same,” says Giovanni Albanese, co-owner of Equipment East, 2022’s top-performing DEVELON dealer.

Meet a few DEVELON dealers who provide support way beyond the sale, and learn more about how your local DEVELON dealer can help you move onward.

Emily Paquette of Equipment East standing in front of the parts area.

She Turned Down Music for Welding. No Regrets.

For Emily Paquette, welding excavators is an art. She knows how to arc-gouge a weld right off a machine, a process that uses intense heat to melt metal down and whisk it away. It’s intense. It’s loud. It’s blustery. It’s the only way to remove the stick plate from an excavator’s arm. From there, Emily can plasma-cut a stick plate of her own design, custom drawn, and weld that cleanly back onto the machine.

The result: Excavators can do things they couldn't before — like use a thumb to move materials with greater precision. It’s just one way Emily helps tailor machines and services to the Boston-area customers of Equipment East, which was named the top DEVELON dealer of 2022 for high performance in sales, parts and service.

“Knowing that my welds can withstand a hammer going into the ground repeatedly, and my welds stay, and nothing cracks,” Emily says, “it's a very accomplishing feeling.”

Emily, 22, came to Equipment East as a welder and has since added parts specialist to her resume — double-checking every shipment, every paper form, every stocked shelf and inventory list. She runs the forklift in the warehouse and can operate the excavators outside.

No two days are the same, but Emily thrives on variety. She’s fluent in a dozen musical instruments and turned down a full-ride scholarship in music education to attend mechanic school, she says.

A blown-out tire on the side of Interstate 93 led to her career in mechanics: Emily’s high school friends were all into diesel trucks, and she watched a friend swap out a tire on the side of highway one day.

“It took six different impact guns to get this tire off and it was just like, I like this kind of atmosphere,” she recalls. “I like this kind of project.”

Both fine arts and fine welding put her in the same frame of mind: clear, focused, present.

“The rest of the world has to step out,” she says. “You have to focus on your here and now and there's nothing else that matters in that moment.”

Emily’s willingness to go the extra mile for customers reflects the dealership and DEVELON, says Equipment East co-owner Giovanni Albanese.

“She’s willing to do whatever it takes, just like the rest of our team,” Giovanni says. “It’s just who she is and what her values are.”

And for Emily, the idea that their values and work support businesses across Boston makes all the difference.

Emily Loso, a service, parts and warranty specialist at G. Stone Commercial.

Parts Certified, With No Signs of Slowing Down.

In picturesque Middlebury, Vermont, Emily Loso is making a name for herself as the service, parts and warranty specialist at G. Stone Commercial, a DEVELON dealer since 2001. Two years into her role, Emily’s found her groove. And she’s put in the time and learning to get there.

She dug into every element of the job, from literally digging with the DX63 to spending weeks studying to earn her DEVELON Bronze Certification in parts. She’s not afraid to ask how something works, offer to help or ask someone to teach her.

“You have to insert yourself into the process because if you don’t, how are you going to learn?” she says.

A typical day for Emily starts with everything needed for the technicians in the shop. Organizing parts. Submitting warranty claims. Ensuring that all attachments are in order. She thrives in the dynamic atmosphere.

G. Stone Commercial owner Darcy Stone describes Emily as “a sponge.”

“She's just absorbing everything,” Darcy says. “And she has propelled her way up to the point that she's Bronze Certified in parts. And there aren't many that are, and there are very few women that are. I’m very proud of her.”

The most challenging aspect of the job? Emily says it’s the occasional second-guessing that comes with being an expert in her role and also one of few women in a male-dominated industry. When she uses a forklift to unload deliveries from the truck, Emily says it’s not unusual to hear “Are you sure you can handle that?” or “Isn’t there a guy we can talk to?”

“When I get to show off what I can do, it's the best part of it,” Emily says with a smile.

Emily is also quick to credit Darcy as one of her biggest supporters and mentors.

“To have a woman with as much knowledge and as much experience as she does in this field, it's definitely the biggest part of it because I can rely on her,” Emily says.

For those considering a career in the field, Emily advises being prepared to learn and embrace the hands-on aspect of the job. Emily sees herself moving up in her certification levels and continuing to excel in her role at G. Stone Commercial. She’s found her niche, she says.

“I see myself hopefully moving up to a Silver or even Gold if they offer it for the DEVELON parts learning path. I would like to keep improving on that,” Emily says. “I'd like to learn as much as possible about these machines. I don't see myself going anywhere; it's too much fun.”

Parts: Quickly, Reliably, Wherever You Are.

The right part at the right time: Few things matter more from a dealership. That’s why DEVELON operates two strategically located parts distribution centers in North America.

These parts hubs, in the Seattle and Atlanta areas, ensure that every DEVELON dealer can support customers with prompt, direct access to quality parts.

The 57,000-square-foot DEVELON parts center in Lacey, Washington, opened in 2019, following the 2018 opening of a center near the DEVELON North America headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia.

Together, the two parts centers nearly tripled the inventory of DEVELON parts in North America, allowing better options, deeper inventory and faster parts delivery to customers.

Both centers are dedicated to genuine DEVELON parts distribution, stocking nearly 9,000 items available for efficient shipment throughout the United States and Canada.

A DEVELON parts and service employee looking at the DEVELON Fleet Management system.

DEVELON Fleet Management: Maximize Uptime, Minimize Costs.

The health, location and productivity of your fleet is only a few swipes away with DEVELON Fleet Management. From a user-friendly app, you can explore real-time diagnostics on your internet-connected device.

Unlike other brands’ telematics systems, DEVELON Fleet Management lets you customize alerts to your schedule and shows service needs, operator productivity, fuel consumption, location and more.

An additional service, Smart X-Care machine monitoring, lets DEVELON do the monitoring work for you. Our team of heavy-equipment specialists actively track your fleet from our state-of-the-art monitoring center and alert your dealer immediately as needs arise.

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I make excavators pretty for a living, and I think thatʼs probably the coolest thing I've ever been able to say.”
Emily Paquette, Equipment East