• 1/26/2024

Chris Burt inspects the shear attachment for his DEVELON crawler excavator.

Discover how one DEVELON dealer came to the rescue.

Swiderski Equipment came through in a big way for Chris Burt at Asylum Scrap Services in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

Saved by the Dealer

“There was an issue with the shear’s programming when we had initially acquired it. There’s some special [hydraulic] valving that you put into those shears. When you’re shearing out of a tool carrier, you’re trying to put 120 gallons per minute at 5,000 psi at the end of that stick all the time. And you know that’s just asking a lot of any machine, and we weren’t getting the pressures and flows that we thought we should be getting.

“Just from a phone call, the service department at Swiderski Equipment was able to log into that machine and adjust the pressures and flows. The dealer was able to get it reconfigured over the phone and, 10 minutes later, we were back in business.”

— Chris Burt, Asylum Scrap Services, Marshfield, Wisconsin

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