• 1/26/2024

The DEVELON DTL35 compact track loader prototype.

Thomas Lee, DEVELON director of product management, provides behind-the-scenes details on the DTL35, DEVELON’s first compact track loader.

Get ready: The compact track loader — one of the most popular, versatile machines on the market — has just been added to the DEVELON product catalog with a slated 2024 debut. Equipment enthusiasts got a first-hand look at a prototype of our DTL35 machine last year at CONEXPO-CON/AGG. Now here’s your chance to get exclusive behind-the-scenes details on this much-anticipated machine courtesy of Thomas Lee.

Why did DEVELON decide to expand into the compact track loader category?

The compact construction segment has seen exceptional growth in recent years, and this expansion of our portfolio moves the company toward being a full-line OEM. It provides existing customers with a complementary product to the DEVELON core product offerings and helps our dealers expand their customer bases.

What does the expanding lineup of machines mean for DEVELON customers?

The compact track loader line is a natural complement to our mini excavators for many contractors working on excavating and grading tasks in construction. It allows our customers to experience quality DEVELON products paired with superior customer service from DEVELON dealers.

What went into the compact track loader’s design?

A lot of thought, time and development. DEVELON compact track loaders will offer exceptional power for everyday tasks. The first model is slated to be on the large-frame end of the compact track loader spectrum — with a 116-horsepower diesel engine for plenty of pushing and digging performance.

What attachments will be available at the time of the compact track loader launch?

Common attachments — think buckets and pallet forks — will be available for earthmoving and lifting tasks. The machine will also feature a standard hydraulic flow so operators can use various hydraulically powered attachments. For example, an auger to efficiently dig holes, grapples for grabbing and carrying objects or a hydraulic breaker to demolish concrete or asphalt. 

What safety features will be available for the new CTL?

Compact machines often work in tight or confined spaces on a job site, so it’s important that operators have visibility around the machine, particularly to the attachment and to the sides of the loader. The new compact track loader’s design and large cab windows allow operators good visibility to the front and the sides.

A standard rearview camera gives operators better visibility to their surroundings. The rearview camera visual is displayed on the LCD screen in the cab.

An optional around view monitor (AVM) camera system and object detection system are scheduled to be available when the machine goes into production in 2024. The object detection system will alert the operator if there is a person or an object near the machine. This new safety feature can help prevent accidents.

Why do you think there’s been so much buzz about this product since its debut at CONEXPO?

The DTL35 is generating attention in non-traditional DEVELON customer segments, such as landscaping, agriculture and others. Compact track loaders are used in so many applications, and construction companies and rental companies are excited to have a high-quality product enter the market.

Features Found on the New DEVELON CTL

Electrohydraulic joystick controls are standard. From inside the cab, customers can change the method of operation with a pattern change valve. A standard torsion suspension system will reduce vibration and provide more stability when lifting and carrying loads.

Customers have easy access to important components behind the large, swing-open rear tailgate.

Attachment Versatility
Customers can operate attachments requiring high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, thanks to the compact track loader’s optional capacity of 40 gallons per minute.

Visibility and Safety
A standard rearview camera gives operators better visibility to their surroundings. The rearview camera visual is displayed on the LCD screen in the loader’s cab.

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