• 1/26/2024

A picture of three customers who contributed to this content: Vince Lallo, Dalton Rasch and Josh Trudeau.

Three DEVELON customers share their input about the biggest challenges facing contractors working in the construction industry today.

What’s the biggest challenge facing small contractors today?

Dalton Rasch, Rasch Construction, Fort Dodge, Iowa
“A challenging part of our industry is that the ‘low bidder wins’; and this economy, with more bidders than there is work, is driving bids really low. You have to keep up with the markets and inflation to try to meet or exceed market wages. Also, trying to keep the equipment up to date so things stay nice and advance with technology changes is a challenge, too. We have to figure all those things into the bids and at the end of the day, hope we can still get a job.”

Josh Trudeau, Trudeau Construction Tupper Lake, New York
“The biggest challenge in this industry has been parts availability. After COVID, we’ve overcome it by keeping tens of thousands of dollars in stock at the garage — including filters and parts — and building our own hydraulic hoses.”

Vince Lallo, Lallo Pipeline, Medford, Oregon
“Today, the toughest thing is finding key employees ... [It’s not like] it used to be even five, 10 years ago.”

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