Extended Warranty


Protection Plus Extended Warranty Plans

Interested in the added peace of mind that an extended warranty can provide? The Protection Plus® extended warranty plans from DEVELON allow you to purchase additional protection on the full machine, powertrain or powertrain plus hydraulics beyond the standard warranty.

Equipment owner checks the oil while doing preventive maintenance on a DEVELON dozer.
Plan Offerings
Up to 240 different plans are available, providing a total of up to 72 months or 10,000 hours of protection against deficiencies in materials and/or workmanship. You may purchase Protection Plus up to 12 months after taking delivery of your new, never-before-sold DEVELON machine. Learn more about the coverage plans and eligible equipment by downloading the brochure.
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Extended Warranty Coverage

Your Protection Plus extended warranty is fully backed by DEVELON, providing additional coverage for components, including the engine, transmission/powertrain and hydraulics. It gives you the added confidence that your new equipment will deliver the reliability you demand.
Risk Management
Your Protection Plus policy covers the costs of parts and labor, with no deductible required. By providing protection against repairs due to deficiencies in materials or workmanship, our extended warranty greatly decreases your exposure to financial risk.
Higher Resale Value
If you sell the machine, any remaining Protection Plus coverage can be transferred to the new owner for a minimal fee. A machine with Protection Plus coverage provides added value because of the superior care and maintenance provided by the original owner.
A chart that displays DEVELON Protection Plus extended warranty program offers.
Coverage Options
The DEVELON Protection Plus extended warranty program offers you these powertrain, powertrain plus hydraulics and full machine plans beyond the terms of the standard warranty.

Planned Maintenance Coverage

Learn more about planned maintenance programs supported by your DEVELON dealer.
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