Planned Maintenance Program


Proactive Machine Maintenance

With a planned maintenance program, all maintenance tasks will be taken care of by your local dealer. They will proactively manage maintenance checklists, perform routine and preventive maintenance, and schedule services — so you can focus on taking on more projects and building your business.

Equipment technicians perform planned maintenance on a DEVELON machine.
Coverage Options
DEVELON offers 10 planned maintenance options. The plans range from three to five years and from 2,000 to 7,500 hours, giving you the confidence you need that DEVELON has you covered. For more information on package options, contact your local dealer.
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DEVELON certified technician checking the oil on a mini excavator.
Planned Maintenance Coverage
Request a quote from your dealer for a planned maintenance package for your equipment, and you’ll know all of the costs upfront. There will be no surprises or hidden charges, so you can be better prepared when planning for the total maintenance cost.
Reasons to Sign Up for Planned Maintenance Program
Longer Machine Life

Regular maintenance helps increase machine life and provides a greater return on investment.

Increased Uptime

Provides the opportunity to identify issues during regular, scheduled maintenance to help avoid future breakdowns and unexpected downtime.

Predictable Expenses

Allows you to plan for standard ongoing maintenance costs, including parts and labor.

Quality Parts and Technicians

Provides you with regular maintenance by trained, experienced DEVELON technicians using quality DEVELON parts.


Helps you catch issues early before minor problems turn into costly repairs.

Higher Machine Resale Value

Shows potential buyers or lessees superior care and maintenance records that add value to your machine.

Extended Warranty Coverage

Learn more about our Protection Plus® extended warranty options.
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