Extended Warranty Covered Components


3-year, 5,000-hour Extended Warranty Covered Components


  • Engine – All internal parts (excluding external lines and hoses).
  • Fuel System – Fuel transfer pump, fuel injection pump, fuel injection valve/nozzle, fuel injection lines and unit injectors. Governor group. Multiple fuel injector failures occurring at the same time are -excluded from coverage.
  • Air Induction And Exhaust System – Piping from the turbocharger to the intake manifold, exhaust manifold and turbocharger. Aftercooler/Innercooler group.
  • Cooling System – Fan group, belt tighteners, fan assembly, fan drive assembly, hydraulic fan motor and hydraulic fan pump. Water pump and gasket. Engine oil cooler, transmission oil cooler and hydraulic oil cooler.
  • Transmission – Manual shift transmission, flywheel clutch group (excluding dry clutch discs, excluding external controls), torque converter group, power shift transmission including hydraulic and electronic controls, transmission pump, pump drive, scavenge pump. Transfer gear group excluding parking brake. Hydrostatic transmission including control valves, main hydraulic pump, pump drive, drive motors and all high-pressure lines from the pumps to drive motors. Charge pump. Countershaft transmission including clutch group, pumps and controls.
  • Drive Line – Universal joint, drive line/shaft, drive shaft support and constant velocity universal joint. -Drive Systems (Track Type Machines Only) – Steering clutch and brake including controls, bevel gear, shaft and bearing. Differential steering planetary, differential drive and brake (excluding external controls), planetary, brake and differential steering control valve. Final drives (internal components).
  • Drive Systems (Wheeled Machines Only) – Differential (excluding external brake controls), differential housing, bevel gear, bevel gear shaft and bearing. Differential lock and differential lock actuator valve. Drive axle front and rear. Final drives (internal components).
  • Wheels and Axles – Wet brakes (excluding external brake controls), drive chain, tandem drive, tandem drive housing, tandem drive stub axle, drive sprocket, and driven sprocket. Tandem drive mounting. Excludes dry brakes.
  • Swing Gear Assembly – Swing gear, swing gear motor and swing gear reduction unit.
  • Electrical – Engine and transmission electronic control modules.
  • Hydraulics – Pumps, motors, related control valves, hydraulic cylinders, and controls. Excluding quick couplers.