• 8/11/2023
  • By Todd Roecker, Vice President of Growth Initiatives, DEVELON

Todd Roecker, vice president of initiatives, sits in a DEVELON wheel loader.

It seems like just yesterday that we started our new beginning as DEVELON. In reality, we announced the brand name in January 2023 and have been building on that momentum since the official launch at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in March. As DEVELON, we’re actively working to fully transition to our new brand in ways you’ll see in communities across North America.

Here’s a look at how we’ll continue to grow and innovate as we move through the rest of 2023.

New DEVELON Signage

You may have noticed that our dealerships and company facilities, and all public communications, are already updating signage to reflect the new brand. Plus, our newly branded DEVELON machines have started to arrive at our dealerships. Machines can also be re-decaled at our dealerships.

Expanding Growth Initiatives of Our Dealer Network

We continue to focus on growing our dealer network across North America, offering an expanding lineup of DEVELON construction equipment. Some of our new products include our upcoming DD130 dozer, the new -7 Series mini excavator models, and, coming next year, an all-new compact track loader.

We have the unique benefit of having a history in North America, and now we’re able to offer an expanding line of compact and heavy equipment at our 180 DEVELON dealerships and counting.

Strengthening DEVELON Equipment and Technology

We shared many of our latest technologies at CONEXPO-CON/AGG. Some are available today and many will arrive as early as next year. We’ve launched safety technologies such as our around-view monitor (AVM) camera system with object detection for wheel loaders. Our remote and virtual wall technologies for excavators are available today. Both are designed to help make job sites safer.

We had the honor of participating in the AEM Celebration of Construction event in Washington, D.C.. It not only gave us the opportunity to promote the DEVELON brand, but helped us raise awareness of construction equipment safety in our industry, including what impacts it, and share how we can help. (You can hear from me and other industry experts in this podcast on the future of construction equipment safety.) We were excited to show technologies we offer, including our exclusive Transparent Bucket technology, to reduce some of the dangers construction workers face.

We’re also revolutionizing the industry with future worksite solutions and autonomous technologies, like Concept-X2, which continue to evolve and are coming to market soon. There are several alternative solutions such as battery technologies that are on the horizon.

We were pleased with how our new customers, dealer prospects and existing dealers have responded to the new brand at these events. Having our new, own identity has drawn interest from those that may not have approached us originally.

Looking Ahead to the Remainder of 2023

Today, we offer large excavators, mini excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, and articulated dump trucks (ADTs) in our equipment line. As DEVELON, we’ll continue to expand our wide range of equipment offerings, from compact to heavy machinery. For instance, we recently expanded our excavator lineup with the DX1000LC-7, which puts our company into a new size class. We will also be adding new attachments for each of these new products.

As for our brand, we’ll continue to drive awareness, generate curiosity and answer questions from those that are not aware of who DEVELON is and share the vision for our new brand.

The impact of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act should help fuel the industry so that all brands will stand to benefit. DEVELON is in a good position due to our strong network of dealers and their customers, who engage in sales and rentals. Our diverse range of products caters to several applications impacted by this investment. Moreover, the timing aligns well with improved product availability.

As a company Powered by Innovation, we look forward to building the DEVELON brand as well as products and solutions for 2023 and beyond. We’re excited to continue our journey leading the industry forward and building our success as a global leader in construction equipment and solutions.

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